How to Become a Nurse in Michigan

The Michigan Board of Nursing in the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (or LARA) oversees nursing licensing in Michigan. Nursing schools in Michigan offer a variety of options for nursing students, including degrees and diplomas that can lead to a CNA certification, LPN license, RN license, or APRN license. In 2016, more than 92,000 RNs and more than 3,500 nurse practitioners were employed in Michigan. The annual mean wage for RNs at the time was $69,100, while the annual mean wage for nurse practitioners was $97,790. The Northwest Lower Peninsula of Michigan’s nonmetropolitan area also had one of the highest concentrations of RN jobs in the country for a nonmetropolitan area.

How to Get Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Certification in Michigan

The Michigan Bureau of Community & Health Systems oversees the Michigan Certified Nurse Aide registry. Applicants can apply to register as a certified nurse aide (another name for certified nursing assistant or CNA) once they complete a training course approved by the board and pass a knowledge test. The test involves both a written and applied knowledge skills assessment. After individuals pass both parts of the test, they will receive a certificate and be placed on the state nurse aide registry.

This certification lasts for two years, at which time it will expire. Nurse aides who have worked in their field and been paid for their work during these two years will be eligible for renewal. Renewal documents should be submitted to Prometric, not to the state of Michigan’s nursing board, prior to the license’s expiration. The renewal fee is $20 and must be received in the form of a money order.

How to Get a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) License in Michigan

A Michigan LPN license is obtained much like an RN license. Michigan nursing licenses for LPNs require that the student attend a school approved by the Michigan nursing board, apply for an LPN license online at the nursing board’s website, and submit to fingerprinting and a background check. After these steps have been completed, students will be approved to take the NCLEX-PN exam, which is also administered by Pearson Vue. Students who are not able to pass the exam will need to reapply and retake the test.

Those who wish to renew their LPN licenses will need to do so every two years before March 31. The cost to renew is $126. Those who do not renew before their expiration date have 60 days to renew and must apply, pay their renewal fee and pay a late fee. Those with LPN licenses in other states may apply for the opportunity to receive a Michigan LPN license by endorsement.

How to Get a Registered Nursing (RN) License in Michigan

Students may obtain a Michigan nursing license as a registered nurse (RN) after graduating from an RN education program (like an ADN or BSN) approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing, submitting an application to the board online, having their fingerprints taken, and submitting a criminal background check. After all this information has been reviewed, the board will give the student permission to take the NCLEX-RN exam. The student must pass the exam, which is administered by Pearson Vue. Those who fail the test will need to reapply and take the test again.

Michigan RN licenses must be renewed every two years before March 31. Renewal costs $126. It is also possible to receive an RN license in Michigan by endorsement if an individual already has their RN license in another state. If this is the case, the individual must apply for endorsement online at the board website and submit to fingerprinting and a criminal background check.

How to Get an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) License in Michigan

Michigan recognizes four APRN license specialties: nurse practitioner (NP), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), certified nurse midwife (CNM), and nurse anesthetist (CRNA). To qualify for an APRN license, applicants must have a graduate degree in their chosen speciality and must hold national certification in the same specialty. APRN licensees must also hold a valid Michigan RN license. When these conditions are met, individuals may submit their application online to the Michigan state nursing board.

The APRN license expiration date in Michigan is based on when the individual’s RN license expires. Those who want to renew their APRN license in Michigan will need to do so every two years on March 31. The cost to renew is $29.30.