How to Become a Nurse in Minnesota

The Minnesota Board of Nursing handles all applications for nursing licenses in the North Star State. Nursing schools in Minnesota offer students the chance to learn the practice of nursing and to prepare for the exams they will need to pass in order to receive their LPN, RN, APRN or CNA licenses. Nursing programs in Minnesota must be approved by the board in order to qualify for the ability to prepare students for their exams.

More than 64,500 RNs and 3,900 nurse practitioners are employed in the state. RNs make an annual mean wage of $77,540, which is higher than the national average, and nurse practitioners make an annual mean wage of $116,150.

How to Get Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health maintains the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. Those hoping to work as a nursing assistant in Minnesota need to complete a state-approved nursing assistant training program. Afterward, applicants are required to pass a test that is both written- and skills-based. Once individuals pass both parts of the test, they will be added to the Minnesota nursing assistant registry.

In order to stay on the registry, nurses must have worked at least eight hours in their field in the past two years and received monetary compensation for that work. In addition, nursing assistants in Minnesota must fill out the nursing assistant registry update form and mail it to the Minnesota Department of Health before their two-year period has expired or they will be removed from the list.

How to Get a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) License in Minnesota

In Minnesota, LPN licenses are obtained in much the same way that RN licenses are. Minnesota nursing licenses for LPNs require the student to first complete an approved LPN nursing program and submit a Confirmation of Program Completion form with their LPN license application, which costs $105. They must also submit a background check, which costs $33.25. After they have applied and are given permission by the board, they may register to take the NCLEX-PN exam. Registration is through Pearson Vue, and there is a fee. After taking and passing the exam, applicants will receive their license in the mail.

As with an RN license, it costs $85 to renew one’s Minnesota LPN license, and this renewal must occur every two years for nurses to keep their license. LPN licenses can also be obtained through endorsement, and the fee for applications by endorsement is $105.

How to Get a Registered Nursing (RN) License in Minnesota

Minnesota nursing licenses for registered nurses, or RNs, may be obtained through the state nursing board. Students who wish to apply for a Minnesota RN license must complete a nursing program and submit their RN application to the board with a $105 application fee. They must also submit to a criminal background check, the cost of which is $33.25. Applicants must pay the total of $138.25 in the form of a money order. The criminal background check will also require fingerprinting, the packet for which applicants will receive in the mail. After the completed application is sent in, students must register with Pearson Vue to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and pay the exam fee. Once they pass the exam, they will receive their license through the mail.

Those who are already licensed in another state may apply for a license by endorsement and pay the $105 application fee. Renewal is required every two years, and the fee for renewal is $85.

How to Get an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) License in Minnesota

Minnesota nurses can pursue an APRN license in four specialties: certified nurse practitioner (CNP), certified nurse midwife (CNM), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), or clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Those applying must already hold an RN license in Minnesota. To apply for a Minnesota advanced practice registered nurse license, they must have earned a graduate degree in nursing from an accredited nursing school or program approved by the Minnesota board and have proof of graduation. They must complete the first two pages of the APRN application form and send in documentation detailing their national certification in specialty area APRN applicants must also submit to a criminal background check, report any previous convictions or pleas, and avoid committing acts of omission.

Renewing one’s APRN license has an $85 fee and requires a current or concurrently renewing RN license in the state of Minnesota. The renewal of an RN license has a separate fee of $85. One may apply for both license renewals online through the Minnesota Board of Nursing’s website.